Photo was taken at Tullig, near Millstreet, Co.Cork (Irl)

Clara Mountain, next to Millstreet was looking splendid on Saturday morning, enhanced by some snow that fell overnight

Thought on Monday – November – 27/11/2017

Thought For The Week

‘I know for sure the world is enriched whenever and wherever we enact blessing’ ~Dan Miller

A key question to ask of anyone and especially ourselves is “What do you know for sure?” It’s a question that is usually followed by a pause because the answer doesn’t always jump out. In terms of spiritual matters we can say for sure that we are loved by God, that we are precious and special, with much to offer and celebrate. We can also say that any day is less, if we can’t pause to reflect and give thanks for blessings received.

It is also good and important to give blessings too. Dan Miller puts it well when he says: “Like God we bless because we care, because we love, because we can and must. Blessings can be given to anyone and should be. To bless is an equal opportunity adventure. Blessings can be offered by elders, spouses, mothers, fathers, children, teenagers, friends, teachers, coaches, co-workers, neighbours and strangers.”

Some people think it’s just a priest who can give a blessing. A priest’s blessing is special but even more special is your blessing or someone else blessing you. Everything in life is connected. It’s the way it is. So every blessing filled with love is not an isolated gesture but something real, active, alive and making such a difference. From a spiritual point of view when we bless we are saying: “God be with you” or “God is with you”. We can bless anyone, anything and everything. There are no limits or never can be.

We bless because we care and because we love. To bless is to pray in a simple but beautiful way. You don’t have to be expert. Once you are open and willing to share some love, healing, light, kindness, encouragement and much more, you are doing something really worthwhile. You will receive the same in return and often much more. During the coming week it will be nice to extend blessings to whoever you want. Your blessing is the one that matters the most.

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