Photo was taken at Gougane Barra, West Cork (Irl)

The last of the heather flowers were looking their best at Gougane Barra

Thought on Sunday – October – 18/10/2020

Thought For The Week

‘My belief throughout has been that God has been part of my experiences and relationships, even when I wasn’t aware of it at the time. The people who have enriched my life, have often been my way to God.’ ~Edward L. Beck

Our faith is like a little stream. On its own it may seem insignificant but every stream has its own unique energy. It will soon link up with other streams, gathering momentum and a sense of purpose. No one can stop the flow of a stream. You can build a dam to stop it but the stream will fill, back up and flow over it. Its ultimate destination is the sea and nothing can stop it on its journey.

The same goes with the gift of faith and what we believe in. It is something precious and unique. It can’t be hidden or swept into some corner. It has an energy that drives it forward. It helps us on the journey of life to find meaning and fulfillment. It never does a solo run but joins and links up with people who share the same vision and hope.

This week marks Mission week which is always set aside during the third week of October, to celebrate many different faith stories across the world. Today is Mission Sunday and Pope Francis is encouraging us to pray for missionaries, reminding us of the missionary character of the Church and of every baptised person. He says: “Every person is a mission, which is why we are here in this world.” He is encouraging us not to be afraid of the message of Jesus because it is this message that helps us find the treasure that fills life with joy.

Mission Sunday is a celebration of every faith, flowing from many sources into one. No one faith is the only one or the best one or the exclusive one. Like streams and rivers the variety and number is breath taking. But they all flow into the one great ocean, that of an eternal loving God.