Photo is by photographer Bessi

With every passing day we can see and feel spring gathering momentum. I hope you can feel the hope and light of spring wherever you are reading this

As we edge towards the spring equinox we welcome increasing light with every day. I have put together this short prayer on light.

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Thought on Monday – March – 08/03/2021

‘We buy junk and sell antiques!’ ~Sign outside a country shop

Where would we be without a sense of humour. Antiques are a thriving business. What we might see as junk is a beautiful and priceless antique to someone else. Every one of us has junk we could throw out or even recycle! Getting rid of what’s old and stale has always been an important part of any spiritual journey. Such junk could be described as hurts, grudges, anger, hatred, jealousy, cynicism, mistakes made, to mention only a few. All of this junk can never become an antique. They are corrosive over time and are simply no use to anyone. God is always gently encouraging us to get rid of such junk. In its place we welcome God’s invitation to new beginnings and possibilities no matter how small.