Photo was taken yesterday at Macroom Town Park, Co.Cork (Irl)

It is only now that trees are beginning to push their leaves through. Here in Ireland we are having unseasonably cold weather with frosts at nighttime and no major heat yet.

On This Day
On May 9th 1901 The First Australian Parliament opens in Melbourne
On May 9th 1962 The Beatles sign their 1st contract with EMI Parlophone
On May 9th 2001 the Accra Sports Stadium Disaster happened in Ghana: It took the lives of 126 people, making it the worst stadium disaster to have ever taken place in Africa. 129 football fans died in a stampede caused by the firing of teargas by police following a decision by the referee.

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Thought on Sunday – May – 09/05/2021

Thought For The Week

We need to be aware that drifting off course is almost a certainty. As in sailing, the wind – its direction, force and velocity can easily knock us off course. Our job as followers of Christ is to fight to stay on course’ ~Martin Tierney

The phrase ‘drift away’ is a nautical one and describes how a boat or ship can drift off course. Even the most experienced sailor is constantly working to counter drifting away. The same is also true of our own lives. There are many things that happen each day that can throw us off course and allow us to drift.

Sometimes we might not even be aware we are drifting. It is good to check in with ourselves once in a while. The lockdowns have impacted on all of us. As we slowly emerge from the latest lockdown, we look forward to returning to more normal routines. Things we completely took for granted before will be appreciated even more now.

But this is also an ideal time to make some changes. Why should we return to stuff that we know is no longer live giving for us. Only we ourselves know what this might be. This means we are no longer drifting. We are now doing things that are good and life giving for us.

This has spiritual implications too. Any time set aside for quiet time, reflection or prayer is one way of stopping the drift. It is a good place to be. A simple prayer could be: “Lord, I feel I am drifting in life. Please help me back on track again”.