Our photo today is from the archive and was taken at Tooreenbawn, Millstreet, Co.Cork (Irl)

The foxglove flower is coming into flower now. In Ireland it’s colour is purple/lilac. Last evening I came across a clump of pure white foxgloves. It is a very rare sight to see such a colour and was a lovely find.

Birthday’s Today June 17th
Venus Williams is 41
Eddy Merckx (5 time Tour De France winner) is 76
Jordan Henderson (Liverpool Player) is 31
Barry Manilow (Singer) is 78

Thought on Thursday – June – 17/06/2021

A Fable of Aesop called ‘The Mice in Council’

A cat was chasing all the mice and killing those she caught. The mice called a great meeting to try to think of some way of making themselves safe from the cat. The meeting lasted quite a while. Many ideas were put forward by the mice at the council but none of them seemed any good. Finally one bright young mouse stepped forward. “I’ve got it!” he said excitedly. “The reason why the cat catches so many of us is that we don’t hear her coming. What we need is something to warn us of the cat’s approach. I know what to do. We must tie a bell around the cat’s neck. That way, every time the cat comes near us, we will hear the bell tinkling and have time to hide.” “What a good idea”, squeaked the other mice. “Well done! You have solved all our problems. All we have to do is find a bell and tie it round the cat’s neck.”

The other mice started to cheer and squeal excitedly, but then an old and very wise mouse who had taken no part in the meeting so far spoke up from a corner. “Just a minute”, he said. “It may be a good idea, but tell me this. Is anyone here willing to risk their life by going up to the cat and putting the bell around her neck?” No one answered. In a moment all the mice had left the meeting and the room was empty. No one was prepared to put the bell on the cat. It’s no point having bright ideas unless we are willing to put them into practice!