Today June 29th is the feast day of St Peter & St Paul

Thought on Tuesday – June – 29/06/2021

‘Today is the feast of Peter and Paul. Both are very important figures in Church history. One might ask why they didn’t get a separate feast day each such is their importance!

Peter was given the title ‘rock’. He was full of enthusiasm, vibrant, colourful and often did things on the spur of the moment. Was he rock solid in all he did? Not at all. Like any of us he was human, weak and vulnerable. Yes he made mistakes and the biggest of all was when he denied his best friend Jesus during his moment of greatest need.

But he always had a big heart and he made a great recovery. His mistake turned out to be a blessing in disguise. He put renewed heart and vigour into everything he did, he became a great leader with a rock solid belief in a God whom he loved dearly.

Paul as we know was someone who had a deep hatred of the early Church. His hate was so deep that he took great pleasure in persecuting anything to do with faith matters. But God had other ideas and Paul did a conversion. What a u turn in life, from persecution and hate to preaching a message of love and forgiveness. Paul’s enthusiasm rubbed off on many people and he was the first missionary to travel with the Good News of Jesus.

Both Peter and Paul remind us that when we are weak is the moment when we are strongest. God never ever gives up on us when we have done wrong. As Paul puts it so well nothing can ever come between us and the love that God has for each of us.