Photo was taken yesterday morning at Bantry, West Cork (Irl)

I took this photo at 8a.m just as the sun was beginning to rise in the harbour area of Bantry

Thought on Friday – September – 17/09/2021

‘If fear is acknowledged, accepted, honoured and worked with, it is a way to inner peace. By accepting myself and others, by allowing mine and other’s weaknesses transform me, I open to the next moment with new awareness and a new heart.’ ~Stanislaus Kennedy

Fear is the one thing that can paralyse all the good things we would like to do. It can darken hope, it eats at our confidence and can take over our lives. But the first most important step in overcoming all our fears is to simply acknowledge them. It is normal and human to have fears, to be afraid and to be unsure of what step to take next. Asking God to help us take that step forward even if we’re unsure and fearful is such an honest prayer. Such a prayer can give us the strength, courage and confidence to face and conquer all our fears.