Photo was taken in Killarney, Co.Kerry (Irl)

Killarney National Park has so many beautiful walkways and many of them are also suitable for cycling too. With no traffic and some beautiful scenery, it is a perfect combination

On This Day

On Nov 26th 1983 the World’s greatest robbery took place. 26 million pounds (sterling) worth of gold, diamonds and cash was stolen from Brink’s-Mat warehouse at Heathrow Airport, England

Birthday’s Today

Tina Turner (Singer) is 82
Rita Orr (Singer) is 31
Chris Hughes (Facebook co-founder) is 38

Interesting Quote for Today

“You only pass through this life once, you don’t come back for an encore.”
~ Elvis Presley

Thought on Friday – November – 26/11/2021

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day in the U.S and it is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. In America many families will have gathered to celebrate, to share a meal, to relax and importantly to give thanks for blessings received. It is a day for all of us to pause too and to quietly thank God for all our blessings. Maybe right now there may not be much to give thanks for in your life. But if we can look deeper we know we will find some things to be grateful for. A spirit of thankfulness or gratefulness always goes a long way. It is something we always have to work towards, as it is often easy to take so much for granted.

Our faith reminds us how God journeys with us in the right now. Nothing else matters. For all of us the right now is a massive collection of joys, sorrows, pain, happiness, struggles, hopes, fears, weakness, fun, relaxation, anger, freedom, disappointments and so on. It can be a scary place and it can also be so exciting. We’re in there somewhere and so is God. It would be very limiting, if we thought that God only chose to be with us during the good days. It’s in the middle of our darkest hour that God is also particularly near. We are grateful for the difference our faith can make in the midst of the complex world we live in today.

To be thankful even for a little will always generate more and to be unappreciative means little else will happen. To be thankful always makes such a difference. Today and throughout the weekend we can pause each day to be grateful and thankful.