Photo was taken at Ballycotton, East Cork (Irl)

This is the view at the start of the cliff walk at Ballycotton. Whatever the time of year the views on this walk are particularly beautiful and well worth exploring. It is open all year round to the public.

On This Day

On Dec 14th 1287 the fifth largest recorded flood in history took place in the Netherlands. The Zuiderzee seawall collapsed with a loss of over 50,000 lives.
On Dec 14th 2020 America began its first COVID-19 vaccinations using the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine on the same day it recorded over 300,000 deaths

Birthday’s Today

Michael Owen (Former Liverpool sriker) is 42
Peter ‘Spider’ Stacy (Tin whistle player with the Pogues) is 63
Mike Scott (Singer Songwriter) with the Pogues is 63
Stephen Donnelly (Irish Minister for Health) is 46

Interesting Quote for Today

“Step out of the circle of time and into the circle of love.” ~ Rumi

Saint For Today: Saint John of the Cross and is the Patron Saint of mystics and Spanish poets

Thought on Tuesday – December – 14/12/2021

‘If Christmas isn’t found in your heart you won’t find it under the Christmas tree.’ ~Charlotte Carpenter

Christmas is getting so much closer now. This weekend we lit the 3rd candle on the Advent wreath. The third candle is pink and it is meant to stand out. The third Sunday of Advent is called ‘Joyful Sunday’. In many churches the emphasis today will be putting an emphasis on good news. It is a day to celebrate good news stories in our community and in our lives.

Today no apologies are made for highlighting our good news stories. It is crucial and important that we do. We have a natural tendency to lean towards negative and sad stories. Covid has meant that we have been leaning constantly towards a lot of bad news.

We all need to hear good news, we need to nurture good news and importantly we need to celebrate good news. We need to bring the balance back in. That is why ‘Joyful Sunday’ is one of those days to at least try and put the spotlight on some good news. These good news stories are plentiful but they often get squashed and pushed to one side. These good news stories do not have to make the headlines. It is often the small and insignificant good news stories that really are the best of all.

Christmas can be many different things to people with lots of spiritual significance. Christmas can be rightly called a ‘Celebration of Good News’ but especially of your good news. The message of ‘Joyful Sunday’ is that of course you are special and always worth celebrating. If we can’t do that, then there is no point having Christmas. Christmas celebrates you. You are special and always will be.