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I hope you have a lovely Christmas Eve and of course to wish you a very Happy Christmas. May you feel and sense light and hope in your life this Christmas. May the message of Christmas be a reminder that you are loved and that God loves you in a special way. No measuring system can measure the extent of this love!

On This Day

On Dec 24th 1818 the most famous Christmas carol “Silent Night” composed by Franz Xaver Gruber was first sung at St Nicholas parish church in Oberndorf, Austria

Birthday’s Today

Louis Tomlinson (Singer with One Direction) is 30
Ricky Matin (Pop Star) is 50
Stephanie Meyer (Author of Twilight novels) is 48

Interesting Quote For Today

“What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present and hope for the future.” ~Laura Formisano

Saint For Today: St. Adele

Significane Of Today

Today Christmas Eve is a very significant day for so many people. Last minute shopping will take place for some. For others it is a day to connect with family and friends. Going to Mass later will be an option for some and for others they will connect with their local church online. Many family traditions will happen throughout today but unfortunately some of these won’t happen because of Covid restrictions. Whatever your plans I hope they go really well for you

Thought on Friday – December – 24/12/2021

Thought For The Week

Last Tuesday (Dec 21st) was the winter solstice. Newgrange in Co.Meath is a world historic site and the passage grave was constructed five thousand years ago. Above the entrance to the passage there is a small opening through which the sun shines at 8.54a.m on Dec 21st.

Its rays penetrate some 50 feet into the inner chamber where the ashes of the dead were kept. It is an extraordinary construction that required painstaking and precise work. The people feared the darkest of days and thought the world was going to end. Building Newgrange instilled in them a great sense of hope and a reminder that in the darkest of corners light will always shine.

The same is so true of Christmas. Jesus is born into our world as a wonderful and inspiring light. The invitation is to allow Jesus to be born into those parts of our lives that need him the most. We all have dark corners in our lives. On our own the darkness could overwhelm us. Christmas is a reminder that we can’t journey through life on our own.

We need support, love, companionship, friendship, light, hope and so much more. That’s why we make a special effort to reach out and include everyone at Christmas. The spirit of Christmas is meant to be alive every day of the year, not just on Christmas Day. Newgrange is an awesome spectacle. Christmas is equally an awesome event. We thank God for coming into our world to shatter all forms of darkness. We invite God’s light to touch every aspect of our lives this Christmas.