Photo was taken at Fota Wildlife Park, near Cobh, Co.Cork (Irl)

I took this photo of the cheetah through the safety wire and waited patiently for the moment! In Fota Wildlife Park, the animals have natural habitats that replicate their own environment. Many of these animals are on the endagered species list and so their conservation is crucial going forward.

Birthday’s Today

Stacey Dooley (Journalist and winner of BBC Stricty Come Dancing) is 35

Interesting Quote for Today

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” ~Confucius

Saint For Today: Saint Dominic Savio

Significance of Today Today March 9th is National Get Over It Day. It is a day to recognise that there are some things we hold onto in life for far too long, particularly negative stuff. Of course there are some things in life that take far more than a day to get over, but the idea is good particularly on our journey through Lent

Did You Know: Cats spend 65% of their lives asleep!

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‘A Prayer for the people of Ukraine’

‘A Prayer for Lent by Pope Francis’

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Thought on Wednesday – March – 09/03/2022

Thought For The Week

‘There is a story told of a preacher who preached over and over, “Put God into your life, put God into your life.” But the holy Rabbi of the village said, “Our task is not to put God into our lives because God is already there.” Our task is simply to realize that.’ ~Joan Chittister

It is hard to imagine that the whole Covid story, which never went away for two years, is now hardly mentioned in the media. It would take something big for this to happen. It is now the Ukraine War that is making all the headlines. It is fair to say that everyone is shocked, horrified and upset by what is happening. There is a wide circulation of very moving pictures of families fleeing the conflict and others staying at home to defend their country. There are no winners in all of this.

We also begun our journey through Lent. Pope Francis has asked specifically for prayers for peace. Some might say what’s the point as the war has already started. But it is good to pray and more importantly that we are united in prayer with people all over the world for the people of Ukraine. So many communities have organised collections of essential food items, medical supplies and sanitary items. Many of these collections are already on their way to Ukraine and much more to follow. This weekend we will continue our prayers for peace.

The Lenten journey is a significant one for the coming weeks. There are always areas in our spiritual lives that need gentle attention. We are all familiar with a leak and how over time it can add up to a significant amount. Lent is a great time to look at our lives and see where the leaks are. What can I do to stop even one leak? This can often be achieved by simply doing something we have been putting off.

It might be more quality time with family or friends, it might be eating a healthier diet, getting some exercise in, getting in some prayer or quiet time or appreciating the beauty of the present moment. Lent is not about doing the sensational or the spectacular. It is all about doing the small things and doing them well. It is not just about finding God but knowing that God is already there.