Picture is by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

We continue our prayers again today Sunday for peace in Ukraine. As we continue to watch the awful war unfold, we pray for peace. Some might say why bother, what difference will it make. But there is great strength and togetherness as we join people all over the world in prayer.

We are also joined together in the great humanitarian appeal that is ongoing. Watching the news last night it was great to see boxes of Irish Flavan porridge oats being deliverd to those in need.

My latest video is called ‘What is Lent all about?’ https://youtu.be/lon70fqE-eQ (Just copy and paste. Thank you!)

Thought on Sunday – March – 13/03/2022

Getting Around A Knot this Lent

It is well known that a knot is the hardest part of any piece of timber. They are symbolic of all that is difficult and challenging in our lives. If you take a cross section of a tree you can see how the tree always works around the knot.

Instead of grinding to a halt and stop growing, the tree slowly works around the knot. If you look at a close up of a knot you can see how the grains of the tree really curve around the knot. Once it has gone around the knot, the tree resumes its upward growth again.

Lent also provides us with an opportunity to look at the knots of our own lives. We are invited to not give up when we face something challenging and difficult. We pray for healing, growth, courage, hope and the strength to work around the knot whatever it may be.