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Last Monday was the spring equinox with equal day and night. This is a lovely time of year with spring taking such a firm hold. Already there are shoots and buds starting to unfold and nature is gathering energy and pace with every day.

On This Day

On March 23rd 1998 James Cameron’s epic drama Titanic (1997) won 11 Academy Awards, tying the record set by Ben-Hur (1959).
On March 23rd 2021 The Suez Canal, one of the world’s most heavily used shipping lanes, was blocked after the mega-freighter Ever Given ran aground; it took six days to move the vessel.

Interesting Quote for Today

“You become what you believe.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

Saint For Today: St Turibius

Significance of Today Today March 23rd is Atheist Day. According to recent studies, there are approximately 7.1 billion people currently living in this world, 31% of whom are Christians, 23% of whom are Muslims, 13% of whom are Hindus, and almost 7% of whom are Buddhists. There are also millions of other people who follow religions such as Judaism, Jainism, and Spiritism.

But what about those who do not believe in a God or Gods? An estimated 2% of the world’s population does not adhere to any religion. Today is a day to recognise that there are people who do not have any belief and that is totally fine and ok too.

Did You Know: Graffiti was found in the ruins of Pompeii.

My latest video is called ‘Remembering With Love those who have died from Covid’ (Just Copy and Paste)

Thought on Wednesday – March – 23/03/2022

Remembering with love those who have died from Covid

Loving God you are

our refuge in times of danger,

and to whom we turn in prayer and love.

We turn to you today in faith and in hope.

We pray for all those who have died from Covid.

May they be surrounded in your eternal light and love.

We ask you to comfort so many bereaved families.

We pray for healing, comfort and strength.

We also remember all those who in hospital and in our nursing homes.

We pray for all our healthcare workers and all our caring teams.

May you be blessed in all the wonderful work you do each day.

May you continue to have the courage to reach out in love.

Keep us all safe each day as we move forward in hope