Photo was taken last evening at Tooreenbawn, Millstreet, Co.Cork (Irl)

Denis McSweeney caputured one section of a farm walk on the farm of his brother Gerard. Like all outdoor events the weather can make or break an event and thankfully the weather was very kind last evening. It is also good too that after two years of covid restrictions, events like this can take place again.

The other bits and pieces here will follow at 10a.m

Thought on Tuesday – April – 26/04/2022

Earth Day was celebrated last Friday April 22nd. It is about doing things to help protect our planet earth, to keep it clean and healthy. The cynic might say why bother, the optimist says every little helps. It’s the simple things that we can all do, that make the biggest difference.

If we don’t do the small things who else will. We owe it to the generations coming after us. It also our Christian call and duty to do something that will make a difference. Pope Francis also encourages us to do so and has written extensively on the topic.

I have put together a short video to mark Earth Day and it is called ‘Earth Day – Simple Things You Can Do’

The following prayer by Carmel McCarthy is also appropriate:

A prayer by Carmel McCarthy

Almighty God of creation and eternity, within your providence we live and move and have our being. Open our eyes to see your beauty in all the details of our environment. Lift our hearts to you in gratitude for the luminosity of the stars, for spiders and sparrows. We thank you for the sun and moon which regulate our times and seasons. We thank you for each and every person who has enriched us on life’s journey. Most of all we thank you for your word made flesh, and for your spirit of love and life, God, forever and eternity, Amen.