Photo was taken last evening at Tullig looking across at Mushera mountain, near Millstreet, Co.Cork (Irl)

After heavy rain yesterday afternoon, it was followed by some showers and rainbows.

Thought on Thursday – May – 19/05/2022

Thought For The Week

To lift up the hands in prayer gives God glory, but a man with a dung-fork in his hands or a woman with a slop basin give God glory too. God is so great that all things give glory to God if you mean they should.’ ~Gerard Manley Hopkins

Hopkins (1844-1889) was considered an early modern poet ahead of his time. His poetry is notable for his use of sprung rhythm and intricate use of language and rhyme. He was also a Jesuit priest and was very much in touch with the presence of God in everything around him.

We have so many beautiful churches, cathedrals and places of worship. Many find it easier to make a connection with God when they gather to pray in such places.

But connecting with God in church is never exclusive or the best way or the only way. Gerard Manley Hopkins felt that we can connect with God no matter who we are, wherever we are and whenever we want. If this means it is in the middle of a dirty job or maybe not the nicest job in the world then so be it. God doesn’t mind. It is we who have created the obstacles and the barriers.

Today is a good day to know that we can find God whenever and wherever we want. God is most certainly not into perfection or a perfect prayer. It is good to start where you are and with what you are doing. Throughout these weeks of Easter we are reminded of the incredible love that God has for each of us. These weeks are good to get a sense of this love. It is foundation on which many of our lives depend. Sometimes we take it for granted but certainly not so during the season of Easter.