Photo from the archive was taken 10 years ago at Cappanalea, Co.Kerry (Irl)
Today is a Bank Holiday Monday in Ireland, a day of rest and relaxation!

A sheep gets the best vantage point overlooking a steep incline.

Thought on Monday – June – 06/06/2022

‘A happy heart makes the face cheerful’ ~Proverbs 15:13

One of the most influential personalities of the last century was Pope John 23rd. There were many raised eyebrows when he became Pope but he quickly made his mark. He guided the Church through Vatican II, with inspirational guidance, enthusiasm and a level head. He was also noted for his great sense of humour. There are many stories but one of the first to be recorded was shortly after he became Pope. His family came from their country village to visit him. They were overwhelmed and almost intimidated by the ceremony and protocol of the Vatican. Sensing their uneasiness, the pontiff tenderly and humorously said, “Don’t be too nervous – it’s only me!’

Sometimes we also need to relax, be ourselves and not take ourselves too seriously at times. There is enough negativity out there, without adding to it just for the sake of it. The people who add humour and light heartedness to our lives are indeed special and precious.