Photo was taken during the week near Bantry, West Cork (Irl)

You won’t find a road like this in towns or cities. Such roads are just lovely when you find them. There is little or no traffic, wildlife is abundant and such roads are ideal for a walk or cycle. West Cork has a lovely network of them.

My Latest Video is called ‘A Prayer for those starting the Junior and Leaving Cert exams’
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Thought on Friday – June – 10/06/2022

The Junior and Leaving Cert exams began on Wednesday and continue for the next two weeks. It is an anxious time for all students starting their exams, including parents, guardians, their extended families and teachers.

I keep reminding and assuring our students how many in our communities are praying for them throughout the exams.

Here is a short prayer for students starting their exams

Loving God, I turn to you today. As the exam approaches I am nervous and so I ask you to help me. You know how important these exams are to me. Set me free from worry, give me your peace and help me to think clearly. Help me to remember what I have learned, to use my time well, not to panic, to do my best and not to worry about the outcome. Help me to realise that the exams are not there to catch me out but to find out how much I know.

Lord, keep me calm so that I can write down all I know. Keep my friends calm too, we’re all in this together! Let me sleep each night so that I am refreshed and renewed for the next exam. Even if I struggle I must always remember that there is a bigger picture of which these exams are only a small part of.

Most important of all calm me down, keep me focussed, guide me along, get me through the scary moments and make sure I attempt every question. Thank you for being my friend today and always. Amen