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This photo of the cockerel captures a moment full of confidence and energy

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On This Day

On November 29th 1972 the first commercially successful video game called ‘Pong’ was released

On November 28th 2001 George Harrison, from the Beatles, died of cancer at the age of 58

Birthdays Today

David McGoldrick (Irish footballer) is 35

Saint For Today

November 29th is a special feast day for all Franciscans. On this day in 1223, the definitive Rule of Life of St. Francis of Assisi was approved by Pope Honorius III. St. Francis and his first companions had first presented themselves in 1209, seeking oral approval of their evangelical form of life.

To commemorate the November 29, 1223 approval of the Rule of Life, each year on that date, all of the saints of the Franciscan Order are remembered at Franciscan churches and communities around the world, as they celebrate the Feast of All of the Saints of the Order. Friars all over the world renew their vows today.

Significance Of Today

Today in America it is National Giving Day. It always falls on the Tuesday after Thansgiving Day to help the “giving season” get started, reminding people that there is more to life than consumerism and commercialization.

Interesting Quote For Today

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, ‘I’m possible!’ ~Audrey Hepburn

Did You Know

Did you know Australia is wider than the moon – 600km to be exact

Thought For The Week

You know that feeling of waiting for something or someone? It is a feeling of excitement or maybe anxiety. Waiting is not always seen as a good thing but it can be a time for growth. And so we enter into the season of waiting: Advent. ~Jane Mellett

The Late Late Toy Show was another huge success again last Friday with the Wizard of Oz theme. From the beautiful colourful opening piece and all the way through, the show was enjoyed by so many children and families. It is always one of the first indicators that Christmas is fast approaching. This week also marks the beginning of our journey through Advent and the spiritual countdown to Christmas. For many though it’s a word that doesn’t connect or has little to offer our daily journey.

Advent can be seen as a forced season upon us, to get us excited about the coming of Christmas. But there is nothing forced with Advent and its intention is to always remind us what Christmas is about. Its intention is to remind us that God is near us and in our midst. Advent reminds us that God is present in love, kindness, sharing, friendship and our support of each other.

But like anytime of the year, the weeks coming up to Christmas are especially busy. Busyness dulls our sense of God all around us, especially when it comes to love, kindness and so many other blessings that are important to us. Advent is a journey that priorities time for ourselves and gives us time to ask what the message of Christmas can mean for us.

I recently read a lovely piece of advice on our approach to Christmas. The writer suggested that for Advent, put aside an A4 sheet or a sheet with lines on it. Each line represents one day. On our journey through Advent we are invited to write just two things that we would like to give thanks for. Maybe it was something that happened during that day, maybe it was a gesture of kindness, maybe it was someone in your family or a stranger or maybe it was for the lovely sunrise or a sunset.

As only a few words will fit on each line, it is not going to take long. If we can then look at this sheet on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, our experience of Christmas will be completely different. Because in all that you have written down, it is there that you have found God present.

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