I took this photo near Rylane yesterday morning at 8.30a.m There was a mixture of fog and a beautiful skyline. The sunshine did eventually push the fog away to make for a lovely spring day.

On This Day

On January 26th 1531 Lisbon was hit by a massive Earthquake and over 30,000 people died.

On January 26th 2022 Spotify removes Neil Young’s music from its streaming platform after the singer-songwriter’s objected to COVID-19 misinformation in one of its podcasts

Birthdays Today

Jose Mourinho (Former Chelsea and Spurs boss) is 60
Andrew Ridgeley (Singer from Wham) is 60
Brendan Rodgers (Leicester City manager) is 50

Saint For Today

The Saint for today is Saints Timothy and Titus, who were close companions of the St. Paul and bishops of the Catholic Church in its earliest days. Both men received letters from St. Paul, which are included in the New Testament.

Significance Of Today

Today is International Customs Day and acknowledges and celebrates the people who work hard to keep the goods flowing as imports and exports between countries all across the world. The transport of goods has been going on since early times and some of the earliest known customs were for salt and spices.

Interesting Quote For Today

“Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards.” ~Vernon Sanders Law

Did You Know

Did you know Shakespeare invented more than 1,700 words.

Thought For The Week

The tongue has no bones, but it is strong enough to break a heart. So be careful with your words.” ~Author unknown


We are surrounded by words and lots of words. There is a surplus of talk, from early morning until late at night. From chat shows, phone in radio programmes, café’s, pubs, shopping malls, mobile phones and social media, all ensure there is a constant flow of words. Some people have a natural gift for just talking. It is also said that Cork people have ‘the gift of the gab!’ 

A lot of research has been done around words and we are told that the average person speaks about 7000 words a day. For some it is much less than that and for others it is much more. But whatever number of words we may speak there are always two questions that go hand in hand at the end of any day. Did the words I spoke today make a positive difference? How many of those words made little or no difference at all?

It is easy to see that words matter. The human ability to speak and communicate is a constant wonder. Words so often reflect our inner life. If our inner life is not at peace and harmony, the words that we speak reflect that and can often come across as negative words or even angry words. If our inner life is reasonably at peace and in harmony then our words tend to be much more positive, upbeat, reassuring, comforting, hopeful and helpful. 

When we look at the person of Jesus in our Gospels, we can see how his words were always positive, loving and reassuring. Yes, sometimes his words were direct and honest. But we hear many gospel accounts of people who were deeply moved by his words. His words are still so relevant for the world we live in today. In a world where many words can be negative, corrosive and divisive, it is always refreshing to read the words of Jesus and be inspired by them. 

So how will you use words today? It is not about quantity but much more the quality of our words that matter. Will your words be gentle, hopeful, kind and positive? or will your words be flat, unhelpful or negative? The invitation of the gospel is to use words that are loving, gentle, positive, kind, reassuring, hopeful and to use words that make a real and lasting difference. Words do matter.

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