I took this photo last evening at 6pm not long after the sun had dipped behind Clara mountain, Millstreet, Co.Cork.  There is such a lovely stretch in the morning and evenings now.

On This Day

On February 27th 2010 Chile was struck by an earthquake and tsunami. It measured 8.8 in magnitude causing widespread damage and was the most powerful earthquake to strike the region since 1960

On Februar 27th 2022 there was widespread sanctions imposed across the world against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. The EU closed its airspace to Russian planes.  Russian banks are excluded from the worldwide Swift payment system

Birthday’s Today

Cliona Hagan (Country Singer) is 34

Josh Groban (Singer) is 42

Des Keogh (Actor) is 88

Kate Mara (Actress) is 40

Saint For Today

Saint Gabriel who is the the patron saint of young people, students and young religious.

Significance Of Today

Today is International Polar Bear Day. In the past few decades, sea ice in the Arctic has been melting at an alarmingly fast rate, leading the polar ice cap to shrink over time. Because of this, polar bears have been losing their habitats, their sources of food and, ultimately, dying from starvation and exhaustion. International Polar Bear Day aims to raise awareness of the issues threatening these creatures and encourage change.

Interesting Quote for Today

“Nobody got where they are today by living for tomorrow.” ~Tom Wilson

Did You Know

Did you know that you can actually hear rhubarb grow — it pops! This is because of how fast it grows — up to an inch per day.

Video For Today

This video I have called ‘It is good to be back’.

Thought For The Week

Lent comes providentially to awaken us, to shake us from our lethargy.”  ~Pope Francis

I’m from a farming background and I am always grateful for this, as it has helped to ground me and connect me to nature each day. Today farming has become very modern but in my parent’s time they would have memories of milking the cows by hand. In every dairy parlour there was a three-legged stool to sit down on and make the job easy. It was easy to move around, and it served its purpose well.

But a feature of a three-legged stool is that once you remove one leg it just falls over. It cannot stay upright. The three-legged stool can stand for many things, but it especially stands for looking after our mind, body and spirit.

We are much better now at looking after our mind and mental health. We are excellent at looking after our bodies, eating the right food and getting exercise in. And looking after our spirit is also so important but it is often neglected. If it’s not looked after it is like removing a leg from a three-legged stool. It just falls over.

Many of the problems in our world today are due to not looking after our spirit. Our modern world thinks a three-legged stool can stand on two legs. As we know it can’t. The journey of Lent is such a wise and beautiful journey. It gives us plenty of time to nourish and look after our spirit and our spirituality.

Yes, sometimes this journey is not easy. Jesus reminds us about carrying our cross. Life is not easy sometimes. But our spirituality gives us strength and resilience to cope. It also gives us peace, a sense of purpose and a sense of hope.

As you journey through Lent, know it is not a race. Take your time. Often it’s the small things done well that are best of all.        I hope your Lenten journey goes well for each of you. And know that you are doing the journey not on your own.
We are doing it together.

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