I found this trampoline along way from its home at the weekend. A storm had lifted it from its original garden until it landed next to this stream near Millstreet, Co.Cork

On This Day 

On March 28th 1930 the Turkish cities Constantinople and Angora changed their names to Istanbul and Ankara

On March 28th 2013 Pope Francis became the first Pope to wash the feet of women during a Holy Thursday Mass

Birthday’s Today🎂

Lady Gaga (Singer) is 37

Nell McCafferty (Irish Journalist) is 79

Saint For Today

Today’s Saint is St John of Capistrano. He was a Franciscan friar and Catholic priest from the Italian town of Capestrano.

Significance Of Today

Today is Weed Appreciation Day. A weed is simply a flower in the wrong place and for years the common practice was to spray weeds with strong chemicals, upsetting the balance of the ecosystem all around it. Now with a much more increased awareness on the importance of biodiversity especially for our bees, weeds have their place. Take for example the dandelion. During the coming month of April dandelions are a beautiful source of pollen and nectar for honeybees, bumblebees and many other insects. So the dandelions growing in your garden are making a real and lasting difference.

Interesting Quote for Today

‘Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.’ ~Helen Keller

Did You Know😇
Australia is the only continent without an active volcano
My Latest Video 🎥

With the very heavy rain last week and especially in West Cork, I am reminded of this video I made last year. The contrast of standing on a rock in a moment of calm and then looking at the same spot when the river is in flood, is some contrast!!! And yes we all need those moments of quiet and calm in our lives.

Thought For The Week

There was a man named Lazarus who lived in the village of Bethany who had two sisters, Mary and Martha, and he was ill.’ ~John 11:1

We have a very human story in our Gospel that was read at the weekend and it is the story of the death of Lazarus and how Jesus brought him back to life. There are so many angles to this story but at the heart of the story is the human side of Jesus. Lazarus was a good friend of Jesus, Martha and Mary. They were a close circle of friends who had a lot in common and enjoyed each other’s company. The death of Lazarus touched Jesus deeply and we are told in the story that he cried such was the depth of his grief.

It’s a story that tells us all about the human side of Jesus. He wasn’t distant, posh, cold, aloof, clinical or above everybody else. He was a beautiful human person, who shared a new story about God’s love of each person and that there was meaning and purpose to life. He instilled hope and belief into every person he met.

Jesus was like you and me. He liked his friends; he enjoyed the chat, and he had his favourite foods. He liked to share a funny story, to eat a good meal and to have a cuppa. Jesus was a people’s person, but he also valued his quiet time. He liked his walks, having time out, visiting family, appreciating the beauty of nature, getting out and about, working with wood, appreciating the moment that is now and so much more.

Sometimes we say the church is out of touch and that it has lost its connection to where it really matters. Jesus was someone who was always in touch with everybody and when you met him, you were the only person in the whole world that mattered.

As we move into these last few days of Lent, it is a time to know that Jesus values you and that your story is the most important of all. You are loved, your story matters and your story needs to be heard. Jesus cares and he cares a lot about you.

The words of St. Richard of Chichester sum it up best when he said: “May I know you more clearly, love you more dearly and follow you more nearly day by day. Amen”

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