I took this photo at 9.10pm last evening near Macroom, Co.Cork.  The sunset was very eye-catching with the water acting like a mirror. It looks like we could have a few more of these during the week with the weather staying sunny and getting warmer

On This Day 

On May 16th 1975 Tabei Junko of Japan, accompanied by Ang Tsering of Nepal, became the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

On May 16th 1986 The action blockbuster Top Gun was released and it made Tom Cruise an international star.

On May 16th 2022 Sweden formally announces it will seek to join NATO after 200 years of neutrality, in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Birthday’s Today🎂

Pierce Brosnan (Actor) is 70

Janet Jackson (Popsinger) is 57

Megan Fox (Actress) is 37

Significance Of Today

Today May 16th is Drawing Day. There is an artist in all of us. The ability to work with colours is something that is inbuilt in all of us. Drawing Day is dedicated to the artist inside of us and encourages us to try using some colours no matter how simple.

Interesting Quote for Today

“A bad attitude is like a flat tire; if you don’t change it, you won’t go anywhere” ~ Joyce Meyer

Saint For Today

Today is the feast day of Saint Brendan and he is the patron saint of boatpeople, mariners, sailors, travelers and whales

Did You Know😇

Did you know that while you sleep you can’t smell anything – even really, really bad or potent smells.

Thought For The Week

With the lovely fine sunny weather that we have been getting over the past few days, many are working in their gardens and planning for the weeks ahead. We also have lots of Communion Masses also taking place in many parishes and so the following reflections are appropriate.

Gardening Reflection called ‘In Your Garden’

In your garden you forget about that unkind thing that someone said.
When you are busy pulling weeds out of the border bed, you forget the petty things that set your nerves on edge. When you’re turning up the soil or clipping the hedge, you forget the unfair way that someone treated you.

When you get out in the garden for an hour or two, it is strange how quickly you forget your wants and woes. When you’re planting seedlings out or tying up a rose, you forget the cares that make you feel like you’re growing old.

When you see the green new shoots come pushing through, troubles that looked big indoors will suddenly seem small. When you’re working in the garden, you tend to forget them all.

First Communion Reflection called ‘Jesus Is’

Jesus is in every face. He is in every laugh. He is in every tear.  Jesus is in every heart. He is at every Mass. He is present for every celebration.

Jesus is in every person. He is in the eyes of every young child. He is with the hurt and those who are lonely. Jesus is in every mind. He is with a new born baby and with those who are dying.

Jesus is in every squeal of joy. He is in the beauty of nature. He is present wherever we are. Jesus is the reason why. Jesus is my friend. Jesus is our friend.

The Thought For The Week is updated each Monday