This beautiful white daisy is in full flower at the moment and grows abundantly during the month of June



Thought For The Week

We celebrated Trinity Sunday at the weekend. For years the meaning of the Trinity didn’t make much sense to people. We were often told it was shrouded in mystery. It was beyond words and it still is. But as time goes on our understanding of what it could mean is evolving.

In the world we live in today there is a growing awareness that everything is connected and nothing is in isolation. At the heart of the Trinity is three in one. In other words God is not in isolation, in some far off place or in some distant place looking down on us. God is with us in the here and now. God is with us in the very ordinary moments of our everyday lives.

Trinity Sunday reminds us that we may have a lot more questions than answers. But one answer we have, that gives us all hope, is the absolute certainty that God is love. This Bank Holiday weekend we will embrace every loving moment that comes our way.

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