The blackberry is in full flower at the moment. It is predominantly white flowers but sometimes you will find some with pink flowers just like the ones in our photo today. I took the photo at Minane Bridge, Co.Cork

Thought For The Week

‘For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.’ ~ Matthew 6:21

There are different meanings to the word treasure. It can mean wealth such as money, jewels or precious metals like gold all stored up and hoarded away. It can also mean something of great worth or value or someone who is rare and precious.

Jesus used both meanings to get across an important message. He says there is little to be gained by storing up lots of treasure in the form of money and wealth. Trying to mind it brings worry and stress and it is well known that lots of money does not guarantee happiness.

Instead, Jesus reminds us that real treasure is to be found within. We have a most beautiful line that Jesus shared: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” When a person is full of kindness, love, generosity and shares lots of blessings they are such a treasure.  And we know it too. We sometimes say of a person: “They are such a treasure.” What a beautiful complement.

Jesus was a man full of wisdom. He knew so well that many people were searching in the wrong place for happiness. Getting rich and wealthy is no guarantee of happiness. So many still search in the wrong place for happiness today.

The key message is that real treasure is to be found within. Can you go within to find your treasure? Can you begin to believe in your goodness, in your kindness, in your love and in the beautiful difference you make to our world each day? Because if you can, you have found real treasure!

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