Photo was taken at Altamount, Millstreet, Co.Cork (Irl)

These boxes of apples are a reminder of a good harvest for 2023 despite all the rain in July in Ireland.  Some are cooking apples and some are for eating. As the old saying goes: an apple a day keeps the doctor away!!

On This Day

On Sep 7th 2020 Wildfires have burnt a record 2 million acres in California

On Sep 7th 2021 El Salvador becomes the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender

Birthdays Today

Gloria Gaynor (Singer) is 80

Saint For Today

Saint Regina

Significance of Today

Today is International Superhuman Day. For many years, those who have faced the challenges of disability in all its forms have dealt with a stigma that was forced upon them. Society has often treated these individuals as if they were somehow less capable of doing amazing things in life.

Rather than thinking of people who have overcome disabilities as ‘less than’, perhaps the world would benefit from thinking of them as something far beyond average. Superhuman Day celebrates and brings awareness to the thousands of athletes, musicians, artists, and everyday people who have overcome what was once perceived as a crippling limitation and gone on to prove that ‘Yes they can’ and ‘Yes I Can’

Thought For The Week

‘To say that we are ‘fired up’ by something, means that we are enthusiastic, ready to throw ourselves into a situation or activity with boundless energy and vigour.’ ~Naomi Starkey

When we describe someone as a fiery person, we usually see them in a negative way. It implies that the person is hot tempered, moody and unpredictable. Then when we use the words ‘fired up’ it is normally used in a positive way. We get fired up before a match or something important in our lives.

When we use the words ‘fired up’ in connection with God, it is also positive. It means that we are enthusiastic and upbeat in what we believe in. We feel that our faith is helpful, positive and something good in our lives. It fires us up, to help us get through any given day.

Our fire may sometimes be weak and barely noticeable, while at other times we have boundless energy and enthusiasm. There is no right or wrong place to be when it comes to faith matters. But anything that gives us hope, energy and positivity can only be a good thing. Hopefully today and throughout this week you will find hope, energy and positivity. Even if it comes in small bundles, we welcome them with open arms.

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