I took this photo at the National Ploughing Championships last Wednesday. It’s all about concentration and hard work when it comes to ploughing with horses

On This Day 

On September 22nd 2021 the World Health Organisation calls for urgent action on air pollution and said it is on a par with smoking and a poor diet, causing seven million premature deaths a year

Birthdays Today

Andrea Bocelli (Opera Singer) is 64 today

Billie Piper (TV Actress) is 40

Saint For Today

Today September 22nd is the feast of Saint Maurice who was a soldier who died for his faith

Significance Of Today

Today is International Astronomy Day. The mysteries of outer space and astronomy have fascinated the world for as long as we have recorded history. It is almost impossible to look up at the night sky on a clear evening and not be caught up in the sense of wonder and amazement at how big the universe truly is compared to us. From a spiritual point of view the beauty of our universe reminds us there a bigger presence out there, which has been described as ‘wonder in awe in God’s presence’,

Interesting Quote for Today

“You don’t need to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.

Did You Know😇

Refrigerated rubber bands last longer when a rubber band is placed inside the fridge. The polymers in the band will become more relaxed.

Thought For The Week

‘Buried deep within each of us is a spark of greatness, a spark that can be fanned into flames of passion and achievement. That spark is not outside of you, it is born deep within you.’ ~James A. Ray

Our ancestors going back thousands and thousands of years created the first fire by rubbing together pieces of flint stones to create sparks. The ability to create fire created warmth and possibility. In the years since we know how fire can be both beneficial but also destructive. This summer alone there seemed to be forest fires all over the world and in particular we saw the devastating fires that swept through Hawaii.

The image of a spark is full of meaning and with deep spiritual symbolism. When we say we have lost our spark for life we are in a very difficult situation, there is no energy flowing in us, we feel surrounded by darkness and find no motivation to do anything.

There are so many sparks we could talk about, a spark of kindness, of love, of support, of understanding, of comfort, of light, of hope, of meaning and so much more. The Divine spark within each of us is the ignition for every other spark. This Divine spark is unique and is not outside of us. It has been born deep within us. It is special; it is always there and can help rekindle the spark of life within us.

We pray today asking God to be our spark, to be the spark that fills us with hope, that gets us restarted and the one who gives us meaning and purpose. It’s about accepting our limitations, accepting that we can’t do everything but knowing that the little things we do each day are actually the most important of all. It’s about accepting the beautiful spark that is you.

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