This is Jess taking some time out at Altamount, Millstreet, Co.Cork and I share the photo to mark the feast of Saint Francis which is today.

On This Day 

On October 4th 1957 the Soviet Union launches Sputnik I, the first artificial Earth satellite into elliptical low Earth orbit

On October 4th 2021, an amazing 3 years worth of rain (14 inches or 300 mm) fell in 12 hours in city of Al Khaburah, Oman, in the wake of tropical cyclone Shaheen. It was yet another reminder on the effects of Climate Change.

Birthdays Today

Mary Kennedy (Former RTE Presenter) is 69

Chris Lowe (Singer with Pet Shop Boys) is 64

Leigh Anne Pinnock (Singer with Little Mix) is 32

Saint For Today

Today October 4th is the Feast of Saint Francis. (More in the Thought For Today below)

Significance Of Today

Today October 4th is World Animal Day to mark the feast day of St Francis. This annual celebration of all animals, is now a popular day in which we remember the important role that animals have to play in our world, as well as the people who devote their lives working to protect and care for them.

Interesting Quote for Today

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~Anatole France

Did You Know😇

Did you know that a dogs sense of smell is 40 times better than ours!

Thought For Today

Today (October 4th) is the feast day of Saint Francis He is one of those rare saints who has managed to capture the attention and admiration of the entire world. His life has inspired people of all ages and the appeal of this saint, cuts across national boundaries and religious differences. He initially lived a life of wealth and luxury. He had everything money could buy but Francis wasn’t happy. And in his early twenties he started giving all his wealth away and Francis did a huge turn in his life.

He is most famous for his respect towards God, his simple life and his tender love and attention to all creation. Francis had little time for excess, waste and greed. He always stood up for the poor and downtrodden. Pope Francis had no hesitation in taking the name of Francis when he was made Pope. He said he was inspired by his life of simplicity.

His love of animals has been well documented. He was the inspiration for the first crib at Christmas and we all know what a beautiful tradition that has become. We all know the difference a pet can make in peoples lives. So if you have a pet, make sure you give them a treat today in honour of St Francis! Later today between 6-7pm in Carrigaline Church, Co.Cork we are going to be blessing pets to mark this special day.