Yesterday I shared a sunset photo with you and today I have a sunrise photo. I took it at Garrvoe beach yesterday morning at 8a.m. The sunrise created beautiful colours across the calm seas overlooking Garryvoe

On This Day 

On Oct 11th 1138 An earthquake in Aleppo, Syria, killed an estimated 230,000

On Oct 11th 1962 The Second Vatican Council was convened by Pope John 23rd

On Oct 11th 2020 India recorded more than 7 million cases of COVID-19

Birthdays Today

Joan Cusack (Movie Actress – Voiceover of cowgirl Jessie in the film Toy Story)  is 61

Saint For Today

Today October 11th is the Feast of Saint Pope John 23rd. Although few people had as great an impact on the 20th century as Pope John 23rd, he avoided the limelight as much as possible. Indeed, one writer has noted that his “ordinariness” seems one of his most remarkable qualities.

Significance Of Today

Today is International Day of the Girl Child. Today events and discussions will take place about issues facing girls on the Day of the girl child, to help raise awareness about the sexism and discrimination girls deal with. It’s a fact,  no country in the world has achieved complete gender equality. In over 190 countries, half of the population faces some form of discrimination because they’re female. In developing countries, gender inequality holds millions of girls and women back from reaching their full potential, preventing many from gaining an education, voicing their opinions, accessing healthcare, and deciding their own futures.

Interesting Quote for Today

‘Gender equality is the goal that will help abolish poverty that will create more equal economies, fairer societies and happier men, women and children.” ~Graça Machel

Did You Know😇

Did you know that in 2006, a Coca-Cola employee offered to sell Coca-Cola secrets to Pepsi. Pepsi responded by notifying Coca-Cola.

Video for the week🎥

Thought For The week

“Use your smile to change the world but don’t let the world change your smile.”  ~Author Unknown

Last Friday was World Smile Day. Sometimes all it takes to make a day a bit better is a simple smile, whether someone gives it to you or if it’s one you share with someone else. Whether it’s just a simple compliment, a cheery hello or a word of thanks, it will always generate a smile.

Sometimes we take our smile for granted but your smile most certainly is beautiful and always makes a difference. Very simply when we frown there is fear and when we smile there is love present. They say smiling is one of the best beauty remedies that costs absolutely nothing.

Scientists tell us that smiling lowers your heart beat and reduces stress levels. They also tell us that smiling can lift your mood and lengthen your life expectancy. Smiling is also contagious and we can recognise a smile on someone’s face up to 300 feet away.

In relation to our Gospel stories it is my firm belief that Jesus smiled a lot. We don’t have photos of course but I am fully convinced that he had the most beautiful smile. People always warmed to him and connected with him straight away. This could only have happened because of his beautiful smile.

I now do the sign of peace at Mass by saying ‘With just a wave, we will offer each other the sign of peace as a sign of the importance of community and the importance of coming together.’ What happens is just beautiful. Everyone as they wave are smiling at each other. It goes beyond words.

World Smile Day encourages us to keep smiling. Nobody else has your beautiful smile and your smile makes a beautiful difference every single day.