I took this photo yesterday at midday in Carrigaline, Co.Cork. Some parts of Cork received a months rainfall in just one day yesterday. There was flooding in Cork City and in places like Midleton, Carrigaline, Killeagh and many other places too. Midleton was the worst affected town by the floods.

On This Day

On October 19th 2015 US scientists from University of California find evidence life on earth may have begun 4.1 billion years ago, 300 million earlier than previously thought

On October 19th 2021 Adele released  her fourth studio album “30”

Birthdays Today

Sam Allardyce (ex England Footbal Manager) is 69

Jack McCaffrey (Dublin Footballer) is 30

Saint For Today

Today October 19th is St. Jean de Brebeuf. He was a French Jesuit missionary who travelled to New France (Canada) in 1625 and worked with many communities.

Significance of Today

Today October 19th is Evaluate Your Life Day or very simply A quick check in with yourself. It is always good sometimes to see what is going well and what is not going so well. Sometimes a small tweak is all that’s needed to get us back on track again rather than some big life change.

Quote For Today

“No matter what you have done, or left undone, you are worthy of love.” ~Nithya Shanti

Did You Know

Did you know that only 2% of women consider they are beautiful.

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A Daily Prayer

Thought For The week

God does not ask for our ability or our inability but our availability.’ ~Author Unknown

This weekend we watched some amazing quarter final games in the World Cup Rugby. Ireland v New Zealand and France v South Africa were simply wonderful to watch. Ireland were so close to beating New Zealand and the same can be said of France who were so close to beating South Africa also. The ability of these teams to create such excitement deserve huge credit and praise for what they have done.

When it comes to ourselves it is true that we sometimes focus on our inabilities rather than our abilities. How often we have heard, “I’m no good at that.” What a pity. If only we had more inner belief and the confidence to hear that inner voice within each of us saying, “I can and I will do it.” For every one thing we could be better at, there are many things that we are so good at.

So maybe a simple question to ask this week is: How can I give some of my time to doing even one thing I enjoy and something I know I’m good at? Can I believe that even one simple thing has the potential to make the world of a difference? Can I make myself available to make this moment happen?

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