Photo of the oak tree was taken heading towards Carrigaline Park and the Seagull Walkway, Carrigaline, Co.Cork

As we move into the middle of November we are moving into the transition from autumn into winter. Most of the leaves have now fallen and this transition from autumn to winter still creates lots of beautiful moments.

On This Day

On November 14th 1908 Albert Einstein presented his quantum theory of light

On November 14th 1985 A volcano eruption of Mount Ruiz in west central Colombia, caused the deaths of 23,000 people. The mountain had been dormant for 69 years and caught many unawares. Mud and lava flows, landslides and debris engulfed the town of Armero, killing 20,000 of its 29,000 inhabitants.

On November 14th 2015 the terrorist attacks took place in Paris. The deadliest took place at the Bataclan theatre and concert hall. In all 130 people were killed and more than 350 were wounded

Birthdays Today

Bernard Hinault (Five time Tour de France winner) is 69

King Charles (Newly crowned King of the United Kingdom) is 75

Brian Gleeson (Actor) is 36

Andrew Strong (Singer) is 50

Saint For Today

Saint for November 14th is Laurence O’Toole. He was a Benedictine Abbot and Archbishop of Dublin. He is buried at a monastery in Eu, (Normandy) and his tomb rapidly became a place of pilgrimage and many miracles are attributed to his intercession.

Significance of Today

Today Nov 14th is World Orphans Day. Tragically, millions of children all over the world have become orphaned for many reasons: war, famine, displacement, disease or poverty. To make sure that they are not forgotten, once a year there is a special day dedicated just to them.  World Orphans Day always falls on the second Monday of each November.

Today Nov 14th is also World Diabetes Day. Diabetes is the cause of a myriad of dangerous health issues and building awareness is the key to lowering these problems.

Interesting Quote For Today

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” ~Albert Einstein

Did You Know

Did you know Mount Everest is now higher than when it was last measured. Experts have now stated that Mount Everest stands at a massive 29,031 feet due to a shift in plate tectonics.

Video for the week🎥(Updated every Wednesday🎥)

A new video will be uploaded tomorrow and it is called ‘A Timeless Classic- Take Time’

Thought For The Week

The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all.’ ~Author Unknown

What does the word cautious mean? The dictionary describes it as someone who is careful in actions and decisions. It is someone who is alert, cagey, plays it safe, is shrewd, watchful and generally hesitates before making a decision. In life it is good to be cautious. It is good and important to be careful, alert and watchful with many things in life.

Sometimes though we can be over cautious. We put up a wall, we do not go outside our comfort zone and often can cut ourselves off from opportunities that life can bring. Again it brings us to the beautiful word that is balance. If we can get the balance right between living life to the full but also working out what’s good and best for us, then we have found a good healthy balance.

When it comes to faith matters we have no need to be cautious. Throughout our Gospel stories Jesus mentions the need to let go of fear and worry. In fact throughout the bible, “Do not be afraid” is mentioned 365 times. So for every day of the year there is a whisper of do not be afraid. Why be cautious when God loves us uniquely, journeys with us through every experience and gently whispers each day: “Do not be afraid”.

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