Today Dec 8th is the feast day of Mary and in Ireland there was a lovely tradition that the countdown to Christmas started today. Of course today with the arrival of Black Friday and other such promotions, the countdown to Christmas is much earlier starting in November. But for me personally there is always something special about this day and for me it really marks the beginning of the countdown to Christmas

On This Day

On December 8th 1941 the USA and Britain declare war on Japan, US enters World War II after the bombing of Pearl Harbour

On December 8th 2021 Olaf Scholz is sworn as the new Chancellor of Germany, replacing Angela Merkel after 16 years

Birthdays Today

Kim Basinger (Actress) is 70

James Galway (Musician and Composer) is 84

Geoff Hurst (the only player to score a hat-trick in a World Cup final is 82

Raheen Sterling (Chelsea and England striker) is 29

Nicki Minaj (Rap musician and singer) is 41

And if Sinead O’Connr were alive today it would have been her birthday

Saint For Today

Today is the feast day of Mary (Dec 8th) (Immaculate Conception).

Significance Of Today

For many people in the past the feast day of Mary (Dec 8th) marked the official countdown to Christmas in Ireland .

Interesting Quote For Today

“To succeed in your intentions, entrust yourselves to Mary but especially in moments of difficulty and darkness. From Mary we learn to trust even when all hope seems gone and that nothing is impossible with God.’” – St. John Paul II

Did You Know

Did you know Bananas are curved because of how they grow,  towards the sun.

Video for the week🎥 (Updated every Wednesday🎥)

This weeks video is called ‘Saint Nicholas – the real Santa of love’

Thought For The Week

Today’s feast day of the Immaculate Conception (Dec 8th) was traditionally a day when the Christmas shopping officially began. It may seem just like any other day but it is still a special day during the month of December. Spiritually it is recognition of Mary’s lack of flaws and weaknesses. In fact she had none. It marks Mary out as someone special as the mother of Jesus but it doesn’t mark her out as removed or distant from us. Like us she experienced the fragility of life and experienced many unexpected and difficult moments in her life. But at all times she put her trust in God. This is the challenge for us. Where would the world be if everyone just thought of themselves independent of others and of God? In all the complexities of life and the world we live in, we too are invited to put our trust in God. Today’s feast day is a reminder that we will not be disappointed when we do so and it is also a day to ask Mary’s many blessings on each of us.

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