Today is the second Sunday of Lent and always the story of the Transfiguration is used today.
It is the story of Jesus and the disciples having a very moving spiritual experience up on Tabor mountain.

The story of the Transfiguration, reminds us that we sometimes experience days that are special and especially the days when we feel loved and special. We are invited to be loved by God not just sometimes but every single day. I hope your journey of Lent will provide moments where you share love, moments when you feel love and moments when you receive love.

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Video For This Week🎥

I have posted a new video and it is called ‘Lent and New Beginnings’

Thought For The Week

I have lovely displays of daffodils in my garden at the moment, many of them in pots and window boxes. I also share a photograph of some of the daffodils. They are rich and lush with beautiful yellow colours. I am sometimes asked how I get such a spread. This is what I do, and I do it faithfully every year. Once they have flowered, I give them plenty of Gee Up which you can get in any good gardening centre. And what is Gee Up? It is simply horse manure!!

Over the following weeks after they have flowered the ‘Gee Up’ nourishes the bulbs below allowing them to regenerate and store energy for the following spring. Because they have regenerated, the colours are fabulous.

I like to think that Lent is a bit like ‘Gee Up’. It nourishes and slowly releases all its goodness, not just in one day but over many weeks. Lent is not a one or a two-day event. It is for many days over six weeks. It is a journey, done slowly and patiently. Instead of trying to do everything, it is good to do the small things and do them well.

Lent is nourishing your spirit. Lent is not about shouting from the rooftop what you are doing, but doing it quietly, gently and slowly. Lent like ‘Gee Up’ works wonders.

It is a slow release of goodness and of love and of blessings. I hope this is your experience of Lent too this year.

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