I took this photo last Friday at Passage West, Co.Cork looking across at Cork harbour

On This Day

On February 27th 2010 Chile was struck by an earthquake and tsunami. It measured 8.8 in magnitude causing widespread damage and was the most powerful earthquake to strike the region since 1960

On Februar 27th 2022 there was widespread sanctions imposed across the world against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. The EU closed its airspace to Russian planes.  Russian banks were excluded from the worldwide Swift payment system

Birthday’s Today

Cliona Hagan (Country Singer) is 35

Josh Groban (Singer) is 43

Des Keogh (Actor) is 89

Kate Mara (Actress) is 41

Saint For Today

Saint Gabriel who is the the patron saint of young people, students and young religious.

Significance Of Today

Today is International Polar Bear Day. In the past few decades, sea ice in the Arctic has been melting at an alarmingly fast rate, leading the polar ice cap to shrink over time. Because of this, polar bears have been losing their habitats, their sources of food and, ultimately, dying from starvation and exhaustion. International Polar Bear Day aims to raise awareness of the issues threatening these creatures and encourage change.

Interesting Quote for Today

“Nobody got where they are today by living for tomorrow.” ~Tom Wilson

Did You Know

Did you know that you can actually hear rhubarb grow — it pops! This is because of how fast it grows — up to an inch per day.

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Thought For The Week

We had a Lenten Talk/Prayer Service in Carrigaline last Thursday evening and it was led by Fr. Philip Mulryne O.P who is currently working in St. Mary’s Priory here in Cork. I was very touched by Fr. Philip’s talk and his story is impressive to say the least.

I am a big sports fan myself and that includes football. Since I was a child, I have followed West Ham United and I sometimes say: “Now you know why I am bald!!”. But no matter what team you followed, Man Utd under Alex Ferguson, were a powerful team with massive momentum and simply won everything all around them.

In his talk Fr. Philip talked about his dream coming true of playing for Manchester United. Alex Ferguson was his boss. He was in the same dressing room as Roy Keane, Scholes, Giggs, Schmeichel, Neville and all those great players.

As Man Utd was so competitive because of such great players, Philip wanted more game time and so he signed for Norwich City, where he was a key player in helping them to promotion up to the Premiership. But while Philip had everything, he wasn’t happy deep down. He had so much money he could buy a car and change it in two weeks if he didn’t like it.

But he talked about this restlessness that just wouldn’t go away. At a key time in his life at the age of 29 he took a break from Norwich City, came back home to Belfast, found his faith and the restlessness melted away bit by bit.

He kept searching and nourishing his faith and he went on to become a Dominican priest. Philip’s story can touch ours too. Our lives are restless until we connect with God. Once we connect with the spiritual, in whatever way works for us, the restlessness begins to melt away. This is the invitation of Lent too, to turn to God, to be open to something spiritual and to be open to something positive and good.

Does the melting away of the restlessness happen in a day or two? Of course not. But over time it most certainly does. The journey of Lent is such a lovely time to be open to the spiritual and see what happens.

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