Today is Holy Saturday and is a day of waiting. In today’s modern world we are not good at waiting. But today is an important day on the last part of our journey through Holy Week

I have two videos up here for the next few days. The first is my new video and it is called ‘Easter in my Garden’. While transplanting a young horse chestnut tree it got me reflecting on these days of Holy Week and Easter.


This second video is also appropriate as we head towards Good Friday tomorrow  ‘The Awfulness of Good Friday v The Hope of Easter’


Thought for Holy Week

It was lovely to see Jason Smyth win the RTE Dancing With The Stars Final last Sunday evening . Jason is a Paralympian who has Stargardt’s disease which affects his central vision with only 10% sight and is legally blind. So dancing for Jason was always going to be a challenge but he rose to the challenge right throughout the series.

His dance partner Karen, in their final show dance, wore a blindfold to enter Jason’s world of darkness to get a sense of what it’s like and they danced together with a beautiful trust and beauty. There were many tears shed as people watching at home were genuinely moved.

It’s the same with the Easter story. Jesus wears a blindfold too
during holy week. He wears our shoes and walks our story
with us. Jesus knows and understands better than anyone our darkness, difficulties and struggles. He is not removed or distant from them, but very much a part of them.  He walks our story with us. The Easter story reminds us that there is hope, that there is light no matter how dark it may get
for us and that there is a meaning to life. I hope your journey through Holy Week goes well for you.