Lots of photo were taken of the Northern Lights over the weekend. This photo was taken by my sister Kathryn at Rosses Point, in Sligo

On This Day 

On May 13th 1981 Pope John Paul II is shot and critically wounded by Turkish gunman Mehemet Ali Agca in St Peter’s Square, Vatican City

On May 13th 1989 Approx 2,000 students begin a hunger strike in Tiananmen Square, China

On May 13th 2023 Tropical Cyclone Ilsa made landfall in remote western Australia, as a category five storm, setting a new sustained wind speed record of 218 kph (135 mph)

Birthday’s Today🎂

Jonny Logan (Eurovision Superstar) is 70

Stevie Wonder (R&B Singer) is 74

Robert Pattinson (Actor) is 38

Interesting Quote for Today

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” ~Confucius

Did you know fact

Did you know that humans can’t walk in a straight line without a visual point? If blindfolded, we gradually walk in a circle. It seems like our brain needs a reference point to keep us on track!

Saint For Today

Saint For Today May 13th is the Feast of Saint Leopold. It is said he could not stand up because of poor health but instead spent many hours listening to people in the confession box. He listened with kindness, encouraged people on their journey and people came to him from everywhere.

My Latest Video🎥

I have just shared my new video and it is called ‘Spiritually turning to light, hope and blessings – with the help of the dandelion flower’


Thought for Week

Yesterday we celebrated the Feast of the Ascension. But there is one potential problem with the Feast Day of the Ascension. It gives the impression that Jesus like a rocket took off to some far place, with no meaningful connection with any of us.

I prefer to think of the Ascension as Jesus now all around us and near us and with us. The notion of ‘ascending to heaven’ gives the wrong impression that he is gone and gone for good!!

So what does the Ascension mean for you and me? It means that the presence of Jesus is no longer limited to a small group in one place at a particular time. The Ascension means the presence of Jesus is now everywhere and all around us and especially in us.

And finally to say that The Ascension invites us to celebrate God’s beautiful presence in you and in everything good we do each day. It celebrates God’s presence in the very ordinary moments of our lives. God is not distant or far away. God is closer than we can possibly imagine!

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