I took this photo at Ballycotton, in East Cork. There is a beautiful cliff walk in Ballycotton and this lighthouse is one that will always be in your view.

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Thought For The Week

Anyone who does not take up their cross and follow in my footsteps is not worthy of me. If anyone gives so much as a cup of water to someone in need, they will most certainly not lose their reward.”  ~Matthew 10:42

If you can think back to 2014 there was the ice bucket challenge that simply took off. Someone got the chance to pour a bucket of cold water over you, while you donated money to charity. Many shared their moment on social media. Getting a bucket of cold water poured over you is something that we’re not willing to do too often!

Some of the words of Jesus are also like getting a bucket of cold water poured over you. They very quickly wake you up. Taking up one’s cross feels like a bucket of cold water over you. It is sometimes misinterpreted as God wanting us to suffer. This is not what Jesus ever instructed or meant. He knew better than anyone else that life can be extremely challenging and difficult at times. This is the cross he was talking about.

We have to face these challenges and difficulties as best we can. Our faith and belief in a loving God, gives us resilience and a determination to keep going as best we can. It is said that in today’s world there is a low level of resilience when a difficulty or crisis happens.

We need something to fall back on and something to help us realise there is a bigger picture. This is where our faith gives us strong resilience and the courage to keep going. Jesus saw many people struggling and so he reassured them that he was there to help, to heal, to guide and to reassure.

We also need this help today as well. Everyone struggles with their cross and their difficulties. We help each other as best we can. It’s often the small gestures of kindness and love that make the biggest difference of all.

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