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'A Little Bit Of Heaven'
(Archived on Monday - October - 25/10/2021 )

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  Today is a Bank Holiday in Ireland so our photo today is from the archive and was taken at Gougane Barra, West Cork (Irl)  
A stream cascades down over stones and rocks on its way down one of the mountains overlooking the beautiful Gougane Barra.


Thought on Monday - October - 25/10/2021

'There is a growing awareness that our world is in a state of great flux and in need of much healing. People are very uncertain about where to look for leadership and guidance. There are deep wounds that need to be cleansed. But hope endures, even in the darkest of places. And it is only with hope that the possibility for change unfolds.' ~Liam Lawton

There is no one who has not felt the uncertainty of the times we live in. With uncertainty comes fear and worry. Do the relentless waves of negative stories today squeeze the heart and spirit out of people? This is a big concern and every community has to ensure that such a squeeze is never allowed to happen. Even in our darkest of places, there is light and hope. It may not be a dazzling light, but even a glimmer of light and hope is what we must cling to right now. There is a great need to connect with the deepest part of ourselves. We crave for healing, encouragement, self-belief and guidance. Our belief in a personal loving God is this glimmer of light and hope. It allows us to see beyond the complexities and harshness of life. Very few will find a dazzling light when it comes to God. God is to be found in less dramatic ways. In these uncertain times that we live in, any glimmer of light and hope is what we must reach out to. Who or what is a glimmer of light and hope in your life today?

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