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'Rocket Launch!'
(Archived on Saturday - November - 06/11/2010 )

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  Photo was taken last evening at the Maradyke, Cork (Irl)  
Marcus Van launches up high to score in last nights superleague game: Blue Demons V Neptune. Blue Demons won in a very tight and exciting game that went down to the last few seconds.


Thought on Saturday - November - 06/11/2010

The following was read at a remembrance Mass yesterday at Coláiste Choilm for the late Liz McEvoy a past pupil of the school who died on Oct 19th last.

Change is part and parcel of life. Significant changes are part of our lives too. Some are forced, some are necessary and some are welcome. By and large any change needs adjustment on our behalf. During this month of November we remember and pray for those who have died. For those who have lost a loved one, the changes can be overwhelming and traumatic. Adjusting to the change of a loved one not around anymore can be a slow, painful and lonely journey. Our prayers during this month of November are not just a token gesture of doing something for the sake of doing it. Our prayers are in some small way, an attempt to help us cope with these changes. We never get over some changes in life but we can go a long way in feeling less threatened by them. During these weeks of November we ask for God's help to come to terms with these changes and in particular those resulting from the death of a loved one. We pray in particular for all of Liz's family today and those who have lost a loved one recently. We pray that God will give them the strength to cope during these difficult times.

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