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'King Of Beauty'
(Archived on Wednesday - June - 01/06/2022 )

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  Photo was taken by Marco Federmann from Pixabay  
It is one of the most elusive birds and so hard to photograph. They can be found near river banks but their incredible speed and agility make them a rare sight.


Thought on Wednesday - June - 01/06/2022

Thought For The Week

'Love is such an overused word. Pop songs sing about love. Everything revolves around love. Many people only connect love with the idea of fulfilled sexuality. But however much the word is misused, in the depths of our heart every one longs for love.' ~Anselm Gruen

We all know someone special who radiates love and kindness. It is not an act or something put on. They radiate it naturally and it simply flows from them. It is good to be near and around such people. It is so much more difficult to be with someone who is cranky, irritable, short tempered and angry.

Everyone has the ability to love and be kind but for different reasons the flow sometimes becomes blocked. It might be a hurt, a knock or setback in life. Someone may have betrayed our trust. We may have been taken advantage of or we may have grown afraid because others hurt us in the past.

Scripture readings refer to God as love. This is 100% pure natural Divine love. It is total, complete and will never run out. Each day is an invitation to soak in some of this love. The invitation is to allow it melt away our hurts, fears, anxieties, disappointments or darkness in our lives. Every time we take up this invitation allows us to radiate our own love naturally. No matter what our age, our belief system or our background, this is what we are born to do.

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