Thought For The Week

'It is with the smallest brushes that the artist paints the most exquisitely beautiful pictures' ~Andre Bessette

We all have our own favourite painting hanging up at home. We may have got it as a gift but the chances are high that you bought it and you did so because it caught your eye and imagination. Lots of brushes are used to create each painting but it's the smallest ones that bring out the finer details.

The same goes with all we do in life. Big sweeping changes and big life changing events in life are rare. It might be tempting to try something big at the start of a new year. But God always invites us to work with the smallest of brushes. We have lots of colours to choose from. It's with all the small bits and pieces put together that God creates something special. That masterpiece is you.

It is the very same with the feast of the baptism of Jesus, which we celebrated at the weekend. We tend to think of our baptism as just a once off event, we know it's a big box ticked and once ticked we don't have to return to it anymore.

But the effects of our baptism last a lifetime. Our baptism is lived out each day. It is like an artist working with the smallest of brushes. It's the small brushes that bring out the finer details. Our baptism brings out the best in us. They all add up into something really special.
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