Here was the Thought For Today for Valentine's Day
'To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.' ~David Viscott

Some will say that Valentine's Day is a load of hype and completely built up into something way too big. Despite the commercial side of the day, it is good to set aside at least one day to genuinely show someone we love and care. If you take away all the trimmings around it, you are left with that precious gift called love.

Valentine's Day is not just limited to romantic love. It's a day that celebrates every moment of love. If we say God is love then every moment of love brings with it an energy and uniqueness that can't be found anywhere else. It is we ourselves who do our best to limit the effects of love. Life knocks us and hurts us from time to time and we retreat into our hiding places. But love invites us back out of our darkness and uncertainties.

Like many gifts that are given to us each day we tend to take love for granted. But at least yesterday was one day when we realized just how lucky we are to have love in our lives. It takes a while to build up love but only a second to lose it. You can't buy it or even sell it. It is up to us to treasure this most precious gift.
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