'If only. Those must be the two saddest words in the world.' ~Mercedes Lackey

It was the most talked about sporting moment yesterday, the goal that England got but was never given. The ball had crossed so far over the line it’s a wonder how it ever came back out! It was clearly a desperately embarrassing mistake by the linesman and desperate hard luck on a team trying to come back into the game. Clearly the better team won on the day but there will always be the question what if the goal had counted to bring it to 2-2, would England have seized the momentum and gone on to win? We will never know. The same goes for many things in life. There are so many what ifs. What if I had done something? What if I had been around? What if I had noticed something was wrong? What if I had been back earlier it wouldn’t have happened? The list of what ifs are endless. But nothing can ever change a what if. We can waste endless energy blaming ourselves and others. But we must move on for healing to begin. We ask God today to help us move on from all our what ifs and what might have been. We pray for healing to begin and the strength and courage to take those steps forward towards a new beginning.
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