Photo was taken at Tooreenbawn, Millstreet, Co.Cork (Irl)

This little yellow flower called ‘Kerria’ is small but holds its own beauty and place at the beginning of March.

Thought on Wednesday – March – 07/03/2012

‘Life is so very, very short. Why spend even one day doing something which you have outgrown? When something stops working for you, it is time to move on.’ ~Joe Armstrong

No one likes anything that is stale or sour. We are all familiar with the taste of sour milk or bread that has gone off. It is quickly put to one side and we replenish with fresh supplies. There are many things in life that have gone stale or sour. What once brought us life, energy and enthusiasm may have become stale and lifeless. This often happens over a period of time and often so quietly we don’t even notice it. Then one day something upsets us or we have to work through something very difficult in our lives. It is then we realise we are in that place and very often we tend to remain in that situation. One message of Lent is that it’s possible to step out of that place and into something much better. If we have outgrown something and its clearly not working, then it’s time to move on. There is much to move onto that can be life giving and positive. Perhaps in time this too may become stale but one of the many Gospel messages is not to become a slave to anything that’s static, stale or not life giving. What is not working for you at the moment? What have you outgrown? Can you choose something new and much more life giving this Lent?