Photo was taken by Transition Year Student Leah Gallagher. She really captured her pet dog in a spectacular flying leap

Thought on Sunday – November – 18/11/2012

The following reflection is by Triona Doherty called ‘A race against time’

Can you remember a time before everyone had mobile phones? It’s only twelve years since I got my first one. Back then, in the pre-mobile world, we had to stick to plans we had made. There was no such thing as ‘Text me when you’re on the way’ or ‘I’ll call you if I’m running late’. If someone didn’t show up for a meeting or appointment, we had no way of checking where they were or what the hold-up was. Nowadays there is less waiting around. We are instantly able to find out where other people are; if someone is late for a meeting our first reaction is to call them. We are not used to waiting anymore, and we don’t handle uncertainty very well.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus speaks to his disciples about time. The world as they know it is passing away, he says. But here’s the uncomfortable truth: nobody knows when. The disciples thought it would be in their own lifetime, that they would see the Son of Man coming in the clouds ‘with great power and glory’. Yet countless generations later, here we are with the same uncertainty. We do not know God’s plan for the world, or for our lives. But we must be ready for whatever that is. We can be behind time, running out of time, keeping an eye on the time. We can manage our time as best we can. But we have no control over God’s plan for us. We must have faith, and stand ready for whatever is to come.