Photo was taken in Killarney National Park, Killarney, Co.Kerry (Irl)

This cluster of red berries stood out in lovely November sunshine. I’m not sure what the name of this plant is but it must be a part of the Holly family!

Thought on Monday – November – 19/11/2012

Can you remember a time before everyone had mobile phones? Back then, in the pre-mobile world, we had to stick to plans we had made. There was no such thing as ‘Text me when you’re on the way’ or ‘I’ll call you if I’m running late’. We are not used to waiting anymore, and we don’t handle uncertainty very well.’ ~Triona Doherty

Uncertainty seems to be part of our world and our lives. This year the weather patterns all over the world have been completely unnatural from floods to droughts. Wars still rage on like Syria and more recently in Gaza and Israel. The economic crisis across the world has led to much uncertainty especially here at home. There are many more examples but it is clear we are living in uncertain times.

How do we deal with uncertainty? Martin Luther King put it well when he said: “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” There are many times when we can’t see much of the staircase but we have to take the first step. That first step will often involve the support of someone really close in our lives, a friend, our family or the support of community. Another first step is our faith in God and that we are not on our own. In the midst of uncertainty, upheaval, complexity and unanswered questions, we are reminded how God is there to hold us, mind us, reassure us, comfort us and that we are not on our own. No matter how dark things may get we are assured of light, hope encouragement and a reason to keep going. That first step is definitely worth taking.