Photo was taken yesterday on the Lee Fields, Cork (Irl)

Lots of heavy rain during the past week has meant flooding in some parts and the Lee Fields always gets it’s fair share every winter.

Thought on Saturday – November – 24/11/2012

‘The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all.’ ~Author Unknown

What does the word cautious mean? The dictionary describes it as someone who is careful in actions and decisions. It is someone who is alert, cagey, plays it safe, is shrewd, watchful and generally hesitates before making a decision. In life it is good to be cautious. It is good and important to be careful, alert and watchful with many things in life. Sometimes though we can be over cautious. We put up a wall, do not go outside our comfort zone and often cut ourselves off from opportunities that life can bring. When it comes to faith matters we have no need to be cautious. Throughout our Gospel stories Jesus mentions the need to let go of fear. In fact throughout the bible, “Do not be afraid” is mentioned 365 times. So for every day of the year there is a whispering of do not be afraid. Why be cautious when God loves us uniquely, journeys with us through every experience and gently whispers each day: “Do not be afraid”.