Photo was taken on Friday at Coláiste Pobail Bheanntraí, (Bantry Community College), West Cork (Irl)

This was the U17 Col√°iste Pobail Bheanntra√≠ Soccer team, who won the Richard Conroy Memorial Cup beating Skibereen 3-0. There were a few players hidden underneath who didn’t quite make the photo!

Thought on Sunday – April – 09/04/2017

Humility is above all God’s way: God humbles himself to walk with his people, to put up with their infidelity. This is clear when we read the Book of Exodus. How humiliating for the Lord to hear all that grumbling, all those complaints against Moses, but ultimately against him, their Father, who brought them out of slavery and was leading them on the journey through the desert to the land of freedom.

This week, Holy Week, which leads us to Easter, we will take this path of Jesus’ own humiliation. Only in this way will this week be ‘holy’ for us too!
~Pope Francis

Look at Judas and watch him – fearfully betraying Jesus. Look at Jesus as his heart goes out to the weakness of his disciples. In all sorts of weakness in our lives, the love of God is triumphant. Let him be the strength in your weakness and sinfulness.
Is Judas motivated by anger and disappointment? Had he a different vision of the messianic kingdom than Jesus? Did he resent that Jesus saw through him when he protested at the waste of Mary’s costly ointment at the feast? One thing is clear: he refused to accept Jesus as he was. Like us, he didn’t see that it is we, not God, who must change.

From Sacred Space for Lent 2017 Messenger Publications