Photo was taken at Cloghoula, Millstreet, Co.Cork (Irl)

Heather is in full bloom at the moment, with its unique splash of purple colour. It is a flower that honeybees really like when the weather comes good. The flavour of heather honey also makes it unique. Local heather honey can fetch a premium price because of its flavour and medicinal benefits.

Thought on Thursday – September – 31/08/2017

Thought For The Week

How do we restore a new energy to our lives by finding a lost balance? Is there a way of building into our days a ground, a centre and a reminder of what is at the heart of all our endeavours? Is there something that could provide a context and a balance against which to measure and nurture our energies? ~Daniel O’Leary

Many schools re open during the coming week after the summer break. For the most part the weather was good. There was no major heatwave but enough of nice weather to keep everyone happy. The summer break allows many to reenergise, to find balance, to reconnect with themselves, to recharge and to unwind from the hectic pace of life. But so often we can get sucked back into the relentless pace of life. The relaxed pace of the summer months becomes a distant memory. Can we work into our daily routine something to help us find balance and something to keep us grounded each day? Our attitude and openness can make all the difference.

The following story explains this better. Two men were building a wall, long and high and both were at either end. When asked what he was doing, the first said: “I have no interest in this wall. It is boring, tedious and the very same every day. Time just drags and every brick is the same as the one before it. I hate Monday’s but love Friday’s. How did I get stuck with this?”

The second was asked the same question and his response was: “I am building a church. This wall is the south wall, as I have seen the plans. It will be a beautiful building. I’m delighted to be a part of it. When I watch the young children playing outside I know it’s for them and the generations after them. I feel privileged to be part of the story.”

We can be open and enthusiastic about what we are doing each day or we can choose to be negative, grumpy and fed up. Finding balance to everything we do is always a challenge but it will energise and enthuse us to keep going. In our Gospel stories Jesus was the one who showed people how to find this balance. He prioritised quiet time, encouraged people to do their best, helped them overcome fear, helped them believe in their own self worth and energised them to embrace the blessings of today. We pray for guidance in finding this balance to life.

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