Photo was taken at Dundrum, Dublin (Irl)

These water jets at Dundrum Shopping Centre, stood out against the evening sun during the week

Thought on Friday – November – 17/11/2017

Thought For The Week

‘November is the pause button of the year, if we could but open our hearts to it. It comes to us, not wrapped in the glowing colours of other seasons, but in sombre, dark tones.’ ~Charlie Meagher

Not many would put November down as their favourite month. It is easy to see why. All around the landscape is bleak and bare, our gardens are empty of colour, and we feel starved of light and long for those warm summer days. We try and distract ourselves away from the dreariness of November by simply being busy. But it is our loss if we try and run away from what November has to offer. It offers us the invitation to pause, to look at our own lives and to think about those parts of our lives that also feel bleak, cold and in darkness.

Our faith reminds us how God journeys with us in the right now. Nothing else matters. For all of us the right now is a massive collection of joys, sorrows, pain, happiness, struggles, hopes, fears, weakness, fun, relaxation, anger, freedom, disappointments and so on. It can be a scary place and it can also be so exciting. We’re in there somewhere and so is God. It would be very limiting, if we thought that God only chose to be with us during the good days. It’s in the middle of our darkest hour that God is also particularly near.

Through out this coming week we can also brighten up someone’s November day by making the most of the smaller moments. Maybe something as simple as a phone call, a smile, a text, calling to a friend or neighbour, a word of encouragement or a word of support is all that is needed. It won’t make news headlines but for the recipient it could make their day.

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