Photo was taken in the Suez Canal

We all know the story of the ship that made all the headlines during the week. It got me thinking that there must be a spiritual message in here too!

Thought on Wednesday – April – 31/03/2021

Holy Week: A week to help us get unstuck

We have all watched with fascination the story of the ship ‘Ever Given’ that was stuck in the Suez Canal for almost a week. It made the news all over the world after it got stuck, blocking everything trying to get through. We were all struck by the size of the ship, the length of 4 football pitches, and the height it reached with all the containers stacked on top of it. I think we all wondered how such a ship could even float! And of course it got going again yesterday making further headlines.

There is also a spiritual message here too. Don’t we all get stuck in life at some stage? Some event pushes us off course like a bereavement, a sickness, the Covid 19 pandemic, the loss of a job and so on. We want to move on with our life, others want us to move on but we can’t because we are stuck.

Everything about Holy Week is helping us to get unstuck. We relive the story of Jesus and what he did for us. We reflect on what this can mean for us in our lives. It is he who re-floats us, it is he who helps us to get unstuck again. This is the Easter message.

During Holy Week we look at everything that keeps us stuck: pain, hurt, disappointments, anger, set backs, darkness, sin, fear and so much more. To get going again we must move on from some of these. As we journey through Holy Week we open ourselves to getting re-floated. Easter is a new journey, the freedom to move again, new beginnings and so much more.